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Become a Firefighter Intern

Franklin County Fire District 3 Firefighter Intern Program consists of 3-5 intern firefighters working alongside career firefighters and respond to emergency incidents. Interns in the program will have the opportunity to obtain their NREMT certificate, IFSAC FF1, and Wildland FF2.  In addition to EMS/Fire training, Interns may also qualify for college tuition reimbursement!


Basic Function

The Firefighter Intern is responsible for maintaining a state of readiness in order to respond to and mitigate emergency situations that FCFD3 responds to. A Firefighter Intern will maintain a high level of professionalism while responding to emergency incidents and other FCFD3-related activities. Interns will be certified to the minimum training standards set forth by FCFD3 Training Division. 


Firefighter Intern Duties

• Respond to and mitigates emergencies both inside and outside of FCFD3’s response area, as required.

• Conducts self professionally when representing Franklin County Fire District 3.

• Supports and carries out the mission of FCFD3.

• Attends and actively participates in training.


Minimum Qualifications

• Must be 18 years of age or older

• High school diploma or equivalent

• Possess and maintain valid driver’s license and be insurable by department insurance provider

• Must be able to pass pre-employment physical and drug screen

• Must be able to pass a background check

• Must be physically and mentally capable of performing the functions of a Firefighter/EMT

For questions or more information please contact our coordinator.

Joey Garza
Firefighter Intern Coordinator
Phone: 509-547-9306

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