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No Experience Needed

So, you’re not an EMT or a firefighter, not a problem! We offer comprehensive fire training (structural and wildland) and have ways to help you get your EMT. Whether you want to start you path to a new career or just volunteer and serve your community we can help. We will walk you through what you need to do, first check out the minimum job requirements.

Minimum Requirements
  1. Complete an accurate application (incomplete applications will not be accepted)

  2. Must be 18 years of age at appointment and eligible to work in the United States

  3. Possess a High School Diploma or GED

  4. Have and maintain an insurable driving record with no more than two traffic violations

  5. Clear criminal history for crimes against people, drugs, and firearms, etc.

  6. Must be and maintain physical fitness for duty and be capable of preforming any required firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical activities

  7. Successfully pass a Washington State Patrol background check

  8. Live within a reasonable response time to district boundaries and/or stations.

  9. Pass a written exam

If you meet the minimum job requirements and would like to apply download, complete, and turn in an application. We only hire new firefighters once a year. Applications are due by October 1st. Any applications turned in after October 1st will be held and considered for the next hiring cycle. ​​ 

​Getting hired with a fire department is a very competitive process. We have a limited number of seats in our fire academy. This means getting in takes work.

Once we verify your application is completely filled out and you meet the requirements, a staff member will reach out and schedule an interview with you. The interview will be with 3-4 current firefighters and be a mix of volunteers and career staff.

Once interviews are completed you will take part in a Physical Agility test to insure you are physically capable.

After the agility test and interviews, staff will look at the candidates and make a list, this list is passed to the Fire Chief for interviews.

Once Chief has completed interviews the staff will make selections and contact those who are chosen.


New hires will go through a medical clearance examination

Congrats on being hired, now the hard (but fun) part begins! 

Now you are a Probationary Firefighter, now what?

We try to start district orientation in January. This takes about a month. Most classes are held on nights and weekends we cover topics such as: Polices and Procedures, hazmat, communications, driving, EMS response, district tour.

After the basic “on boarding” training is done we move into wildland firefighting. This takes about a month with one hands-on-day. After completing wildland academy and basic EMS orientation you are ready to respond.

From about February – July you will be expected to attend regular district trainings (1 -2 per month) and respond on as many calls as possible (that’s why you signed up). Around July or August, we will look at all the probationary firefighters hired that year to make determination on who gets to stay and go to structure academy. Structure academy is a huge time commitment. August to December you will attend class two nights a week (2-3 hours) and every other Saturday (hands-on-days). These are vital for your success and safety as a firefighter. ​

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