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What We Do

We provide fire and life safety services to up to 8,225 people over 205 square miles. We rely on full-time and volunteer emergency personnel who respond to an average of 780 calls per year – of which 50 percent are for emergency medical service (EMS). In 2023, we responded to a record 882 calls.

Our firefighters and emergency medical personnel are trained to provide the following services:

  • Fire suppression and prevention

  • Wildland fire suppression

  • EMS

  • Technical rescue

  • Hazardous material spills

  • Vehicle accidents and extrication

  • Life safety education programs

We operate under a balanced budget and have passed all our financial and accountability audits by the state.

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Fire Chief Mike Harris welcomes invitations to speak at local service organizations, community groups or homeowner associations. He can provide an overview of the fire district, the proposed lid lift, and answer any questions your members may have.


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